Speaking of coffee...

I did promise you I would show you that great coffee-related set from the last post I did.  Here it is.  It is from [ zerkalo ] and is the Coffee Lovers Set which can be located at Lost & Found's April round.  So, technically it is found...not lost.  *Cough*

The plants surrounding it are the latest botanical set from {what next} for 50L Friday.  I am loving all these plants that add a splash of green to any room or porch.  The pots are colour change so with the simple tap of a button you can alter them to suit your decor.

Now, I am not a sweet coffee person.  I like my coffee strong and hot.  This outfit has a sweet coffee vibe to it though.  I love brown tones.  I also love the coffee set you can see in the background, but more on that later.

There is so much I am loving about this outfit and wait 'til you see my new lipstick and lashes close up.  Wowsers!

Skirt:  Cara Creations CC - FR Plaid Skirt w HUD (New Release)
Top:  *AGATA* Chelsea Tanktop (Tres Chic)
Shoes:  :::NOIR::: Heloise Heels (TC)
Pose:  :Luanes World: Poses - Be yourself (TC)
Hair:  [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Blue (Hairology)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - MARIA  marshmellow (Applique)

Lipstick:  *Booty's Beauty* - Akeruka Lipstick ~ Unforgiven (New Release)
Lashes:  *Booty's Beauty* - Akeruka Lashes ~ Curious (New Release)
Eyes: MESANGE - Iram Eyes (On9)
Necklace:  HUDSON's Clothing Co - MyPearls MultiStrand NECKLACE (New Release)

Here is the next photo from Maison de L'amitie and this time the view is from sea onto the beach in front of the village which you can see a bit more of. Also gives you a bit more of the Mediterranean feel of it all.  You will also be glad to see a bit of blue sky and sun in this one!

There are so many great places to take photos on this sim and way more than I am showing.

I am calling this one:  Moored Rowboats

I have been in a blogging frenzy the last week or so.  It has been crazy.  Today I just decided to get this one post and photo done and then go find some sims to look at.  Nice to just chill and take the time to look around without any pressure.

That said, it was no stress to take the photo for this gorgeous lingerie set.  I mean, look at it!  I wish this photo showed up just how stunning it is.  The laces on the bodice are pink (but you can choose whatever suits you) and it is so feminine and sexy without being over-revealing.  Just perfect.

Lingerie:  [Glitzz] - Amaryllis Set (Tres Chic)
Footwear:  Mosquito's Way - Lily (TC)
Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Raven (Fantasy Faire)
Necklace:  .::Supernatural::. Nicole Necklace Silver (TC)
Pose:  FOXCITY. Cutie Pie Bento Set (On9)

Found this cool spot at the Fantasy Faire today and thought I would do my fashion shot here.  Was also tucked away so no one would notice me sitting around playing with paper planes.  Not sure why my Mum used to tell me not to hang out under overpasses.  Seems alright to me.

Have some more Men Only Monthly items to show you.  Great round and a cool mix of stuff for most tastes.  Hope you have been on over because this round won't last forever.

Pants:  A&D Clothing - Pants ~Patrick (MOM)
Tattoos:  Corpo - Nobody Tattoo (MOM)
Hair:  Stealthic - Like Lust (MOM)
Face Tattoo:  W:6 02 face tattoos (The Thrift Shop)
Armband:  LEGAL INSANITY - Black barbed wire armband (MOH9 #22)
Pose:  Le Poppycock *Stay Fly* Pose & Prop set (MOH9 #16)
Bracers:  Verocity - Urban Leather Bracer (The Thrift Shop)

I know I am not exactly wearing beach wear but I am thinking that this chick would not be caught dead in a bikini.  Anyway she is looking rock cool by the hotrod and she is more Danny than Sandy (bit of a play on words and old movie reference there).

Is funny writing about appropriate beach clothing when I am sitting rugged up in RL with heater on.  Still, looking at the sun and sea and surf is warming me up a bit.  Okay, not really.

Pose:  BellePoses - Roxanne (Bento) 5 (The Thrift Shop)
Top:  *AGATA* Angela Tops (On9)
Jeans:  IMaGE Factory - Lindsey Jean Outfit (WomenStuff Hunt)
Glasses:  HAYSURIZA_Eyewear_Pilot Classic (On9)
Hair:  [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Abby (The Seasons Story)
Sneakers:  .::Aftershok::. - Betty - Sky (TTS)
Bracers:  Verocity - Urban Leather Bracers (TTS)

As promised here is the next photo from the  Maison de L'amitie sim.  As you can see I love reflections and this one has the sunlight again but with a foggy windlight that gives it a slightly eerie look.

I am calling this one Morning Lights.

I love lighthouses so I just had to take this shot, especially with the birds circling and the boats and...well just the whole thing really!

I can't believe the summer stuff is already starting to come in, but I am so glad it is because look how awesome it is!  It makes me yearn for sand and sunshine and the smell of the sea.

I am actually showing two sets here:  Decor Junction / Shutter Field's Seaside Set (Shiny Shabby) and Serenity Style's Sunny Beach Collection (The Crossroads).

In the foreground is the Seaside Set with chairs, bag of towels, seaside tray and candle lantern.  The chairs come in driftwood and white and, of course, have great poses for boys and girls!

The rest of the items are from the Sunny Beach Collection and includes the pier (RARE), boat (RARE), board, lantern, bucket, rug, lifeguards (which for some reason I missed showing...sigh) and clothesline.  The boat, pier and rug all have poses so this is a fab set to collect.

I am closer to the beach this time at Maison de L'amitie but I saw this great scooter with poses and I didn't actually get ON to the beach.  I will save that for another time.  Hehe.  Drawing out the fun.

I have some more items from Tres Chic today and WOW!  This little outfit is super smexy and cute at the same time.  I love the little bow on the top.  So feminine and lovely.

There is still a wee while to go before this round closes but don't muck about or you will miss out on all the great items on show this time!

Pose Prop:  Kalopsia - Dolce Vita Scooter - Decor (at location)
Outfit:  Elegance Boutique -Short & Bra - Bow w/HUD) "Tina" (Tres Chic)
Shoes:  Garbaggio // Malin Pumps (TC)
Hair:  =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Rema" (TC)
Necklace:  [evolove] - Locket & Pearl - Necklace - Pink (TC)
Glasses:  //Mulloy - Chauveau Glasses (TC)

I am seeing a problem here.  Lack of pavement.  Perhaps a surfboard would have been a better option for this locale.  Dang it.

Don't wanna surf because it is cold and I will mess my hair up.  Meh.  Coffee then.

Hoodie:  [American Bazaar] - Starboy Hoodie (Men Only Hunt 9 #1)
Jeans:  OUTLIER.// 510s Ripped Jeans - Blue (Men Only Monthly)
Pose:  : SenseS: Sk8 in the Vein Set (MOM)
Hair:  .:cheeky:. Chris Hair! (MOH9 #15)
Bracer:  Verocity - Urban Leather Bracer (The Thrift Shop)

It has been a while since I have had time to just wander around taking photos of sims so when I had some time today I decided to have a 'me' moment.  It turned out to be a lot of moments, but it was fun.  I have been doing some fashion shots at this sim recently so I decided to go and start there.

I have 5 shots from this sim but I will only show 1 picture at a time.  This means you can enjoy one aspect of the sim and not have too much thrown at you all at once!

The sim is called Maison de L'amitie and combines an Mediterranean steeped village with a gorgeous beach and sea vista.  If you are a blogger wanting to use this sim you can join the group and be given rez rights so that makes it easy for poseballs or pose platforms.

The first photo I am calling Sinking Light.

I had SOOOO much fun doing the photos for this post and it evolved so beautifully.  The dress was the starter then I found the piercings and eye makeup.  I added the black lips, found this skin I had to blog and slipped into these shoes I have been saving for the right outfit and here it is.

Lastly was the pose and I needed the right one that was dramatic enough for the look.  Thank you Nantra Poses for this great set that I didn't get to blog around Valentine's Day but could now use in all its glory!  The set is called Valentine's Secret 2017 and all the poses in the set at FABU!  And, YES, the wings are part of the set!

Location:  DaphneArts

Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - HUD omega face/body OPAL white brows (Fantasy Faire)
Dress:  [American Bazaar] - Trust Issues Dress (Black Fair)
Shoes:  Amacci Shoes - Samara
Hair: [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Dee (Hairology April)
Eye Makeup:  .ARISE. Gera Mask / Black (The Thrift Shop)
Lips:  ::SlackGirl:: Diana* Lips Set 2 for Akeruka Heads
Piercings:  ..::PaperDolls::.. Like a diamond 2 (The Thrift Shop)